Flashback Heart Attack Rocks StillWater as The Dead Sailors

On Halloween night at the iconic StillWater Spirit & Sounds club in Dana Point CA, the 80s tribute band Flashback Heart Attack transported the audience back in time to the golden era of synth-pop and new wave. Dressed as eerie and enigmatic band The Dead Sailors, the band’s outfits were a striking mix of tattered white uniforms, ghostly white face paint, and ghoulish maritime accessories like yacht rock meets Nightmare Before Christmas. As they took the stage with Disney’s Haunted Mansion theme playing, their haunting appearance set the perfect tone for the evening’s festivities.

With a pulsating blend of synthesizers, electric guitars, and infectious drum beats, Flashback Heart Attack unleashed a spine-tingling performance that was nothing short of electrifying. The band flawlessly recreated the sound and atmosphere of the 80s, taking the audience on a nostalgic journey through hits from iconic acts like Duran Duran, INXS, Depeche Mode, and The Human League. Their renditions of “Don’t Change “Just Can’t Get Enough,” and “Don’t You Want Me” were met with enthusiastic cheers and dance moves that transported the crowd back to the neon-soaked dance floors of the era. Talking Heads’ “Psycho Killer” and The Ramones “Pet Cemetery” were perfect for the occasion.

The band’s commitment to their dead sailor personas, combined with their musical prowess, created a Halloween night to remember, leaving the audience thoroughly entertained and delighted. Flashback Heart Attack’s spirited performance was a true musical séance that breathed life into the ghosts of the 80s, making it a Halloween at Stillwater that won’t soon be forgotten.